In April 2020, Covid-19 hit Ireland and our world hard and fast with little time for us to figure out a strategy to deal with the pandemic. There was a point where the medical industry simply could not source quality personal protection equipment fast enough to protect themselves and their patients from the virus.

As admissions to hospitals tripled in a matter of days, the demand for equipment went from urgent, to critical. And as Ireland started reaching out to the market to source the appropriate equipment, so was every other hospital across the globe. There simply wasn’t enough equipment available to meet unprecedented global demand.

Through our established network of suppliers, Myppe has been able to source medical and pharmaceutical supplies from companies that have been established in this industry for many years. They are leading medical devices and equipment manufacturers and all of their
products are both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified.

All products in the Myppe range meet all standards in Ireland and Europe and are fully CE Certified. Many of our products even have FDA and 510K approval in the USA

Myppe has medical device consultants as part of our team, who advise us on the best in class equipment and the standards necessary for both consumer and wholesale supply. We use the top two Certification and Audit Inspections Companies in SGS and TUV GERMANY as well as V-Trust – the largest inspections company in China.

Join Our Boys
With every purchase through My PPE, Join Our Boys will get a percentage of every purchase automatically. The Trust is dedicated to raising awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
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Meet our Trust Partner – JoinOurBoys.org

Apart from being committed to keeping our population safe and protected, we wanted to do more.

We started working with the Irish charity Join Our Boys some years ago and it has given us another reason to drive our business forward. Join Our Boys was established in 2014 to help raise funds for three brothers in Roscommon who all have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Archie, George and Issac are all living with this incredibly rare and incurable disease. 

Join Our Boys is a Community initiative; a community response to one family’s crisis. We are determined to help raise as much funds as we can through our business to help this family care for their three wonderful and inspiring children.

Every time a purchase is made by any of their Network through Friends, Contacts or those introduced by their Friends or Followers – Join our Boys automatically receive an automatic payment.

We want to always echo and honour this family’s motto…
Keep moving, keep marching, maintain hope always.