Thermal Disinfectors

Thermal disinfectors have always been a reliable way of cleaning and decontamination or a particular area. For example, they are used for keeping AC systems germ-free in hygienically sensitive areas or for disinfecting medical devices as part of a sterilization process. 

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With the world still working hard to combat Coronavirus, we are all looking forward to re-opening our economy and businesses! But, finding a balance between saving our business, while still keeping our staff and customer safe needs to be our priority and we believe that we have the answer!

One of the critical factors in our ‘new normal’, is maintaining a clean air environment and we have the latest technologically advanced solution, which offer exactly that, with our innovative new thermal disinfectors!

Whether you are working on a building site, a college canteen a hairdresser or even a gym, our mobile and highly effective air cleaners from Trotec will provide hygienic air conditions in all interior spaces. With their effective and efficient air purification systems, these mobile all-rounders will close the door on stale air, tobacco smoke, exhaust gases and fine particulates. Trotec air cleaners can easily suck chemical substances, high dust concentrations, mould spores, micro fibres and allergens, from the air, thus providing you and your employees with clean air inside.

Trotec units are now being used across Europe in all industries, including hospitals, bars, restaurants and retail shops.