IR Thermometer Temperature Guns M1

79.95 inc.VAT

Measurement range: The temperature of the subject is shown by measuring the thermal radiation of the forehead. Product performance:
Accuracy: measurement deviation 0.2C.
Speed: measurement time 1 second. Easy to use: One-click measurement, easy to operate.
Non-contact: For forehead measurement, do not touch the human skin, avoid cross-sense.
Fever alarm: Free to set alarm temperature.
Number of uses: button can be used 100,000 times.
Large screen display: large screen LCD white back light display, can read clearly at night.
Storage data: Store 100 measurement data for easy analysis and comparison.


  • Non-Contact Portable Temperature Infrared Guns (TUV CE)
  • Infrared Bluetooth digital thermometer (TUV CE)
  • Infrared Electronic Thermometer (TUV CE)

Available in orders up to 100 units


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