Trotec TES 200 Thermal disinfector

The perfect Solution to eradicate ALL Bacteria & Viruses!

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This product will allow you to completely sanitize your Hotel Bedrooms by the use of its very advanced heater. It will heat a room or any other area to 75 Degrees and in doing, will kill all bacteria & Viruses present! 100% Confidence for your Guests

Thermal disinfectors have always been a reliable way of cleaning and decontamination or a particular area. For example, they are used for keeping AC systems germ-free in hygienically sensitive areas or for disinfecting medical devices as part of a sterilization process. The Trotec TES 200 is a powerful thermal disinfector for mobile virus inactivation. During the SARS pandemic, the WHO announced that heat at a temperature of 56 °C represents an effective measure for fighting SARS virions and it will kill 10,000 virus units of the SARS coronavirus every 15 minutes.
Up until recently, previously available thermal disinfectors were just installed as stationary units. But the vertical heating device TES 200 is the first mobile solution on the market for professional thermal room decontamination with it’s Integrated H14 HEPA air filtration (see below)
Rather than being installed in only one room, this special heating device (exclusively available only at Trotec) can be used for treating different rooms in alternation. Once the decontamination process has been terminated, the TES 200 can simply be transported to the next location to be treated – this flexible and mobile solution is unique in the world!



Features of Trotec units include:

  • High-performance air purification and virus filtration
  • Fully automatic room heating with or without HEPA air purification
  • Decontamination rooms in hospitals, ambulance and fire stations
  • Thermal decontamination of rooms and surfaces
  • Thermal decontamination of respiratory masks and personal protective equipment
  • Professional pest control

The H14 HEPA filter used by Trotec

This special heat-resistant filter (4) is exclusively made by Trotec and is characterized by a high separation efficiency of 99.995 % for particle sizes of 0.1 to 0.2 µm.
The efficiency of this filter ensures that 99.995 of 100.000 microparticles floating in the air will be effectively filtered. Viral strains such as SARS-Cov, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 show similar particle sizes.
Recent studies have specified the particle size of a Coronavirus to 120 to 160 nanometres (0.12 to 0.16 µm). That's why these particle sizes can be effectively filtered with the high-performance H14 filter, especially because viruses in the air tend to accumulate with saliva or suspended matters, forming larger aerosol conglomerates.

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