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At MyPPE, we wanted to find a way to give back to our customers, as well as help us to support a
cause that is very close to our hearts.

Find out more about Join Our Boys here….

We established a simple on-line model to allow our customers earn commission as they purchase and make a valuable contribution to to this great at the same time. This model makes it simple, easy and fully transparent for all of our customers.

The referral model works like this:

  1. If you make a purchase, you are automatically registered with
  2. You don’t have to make a purchase, you can just register with us and share your discount code with your friends
  3. If you do decide to purchase, a percentage of that purchase will go directly to Join Our Boys
  4. Once you have registered, you will be invited to share or refer the MyPPE service with your
    friends and network (via Facebook, Email or WhatsApp)
  5. As soon as anyone from your network makes a purchase, you will automatically earn
    commission direct to your MyPPE account.
  6. Of course, every time they make a purchase, a percentage of their purchase will be sent automatically
    to the charity too
  7. They will then also be invited to share or refer the MyPPE service to their own friends and
    network. And so it continues!

Everyone involved earns both commission and valuable revenue for the Join our Boys Trust with every purchase made.

And so it continues. Everyone involved earns both commission and donations for the Join our Boys
charity with every purchase made.


You will get paid in cash! EVERYBODY WINS!

How Does it all Work?

Every single time you make a purchase through Myppe, a percentage of that sale goes directly to our charity partner. This is not just a pledge from us to make a donation, this is a fully automated process which ensures that our charity partner gets paid directly and immediately. Once you go through our registration process, you will be given their own login details and account. From here you can see all of your purchases, referral channels and your own commissions earned by you – all in one place!

Many businesses vow to give donations to charities and we commend these organisations for doing so. But we wanted to go one step further and give our customers complete transparency and control over their donations. Every time you, or your referred people or network make a purchase, you can see the commission you make from each purchase made by your network. By using this direct model, we can avoid paying large marketing and advertising fees to raise money for this Trust. They receive the donations directly from our network of customer as they purchase PPE equipment. The more our customers purchase, the more commission earned by individuals and the more donations are made directly to the charity.

When anyone registers with Myppe, they will be given the option to ‘Refer a friend’. Our system can automatically select ‘All contact’s in a customer’s WhatsApp, email or social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) and once the customer confirms, a message will automatically be shared with their contacts. Their contacts will then receive a 10% discount code (via WhatsApp, email or the social channel selected) and when that person clicks the link, this will track this new customer and link it to the original person who referred them, making sure that the original subscriber receives any commission or charity donations from their network as it expands.
This also means that if any customer throughout the network purchases a product today, next week or in 12 month’s time, the original subscriber will keep receiving commission and donations from the sale will automatically keep going to the Trust. Our customers will accrue commission on every sale and commission is paid by us. You will be paid by CASH via PayPal!

By sharing the 10% Discount Code with your network, they will receive an email inviting them to use this discount to purchase with MyPPE. They will in turn be invited to register and take on the same journey of registering, purchasing, referring to their network etc.

The more you Share – the more you Earn

How much can I earn?

For the first 3 Purchases purchased by a member of your network (through your discount code), you will receive €10 or £9 in CASH (not in discount vouchers or money off against future purchases). From your fourth referral onwards, you will receive ongoing 4% Commission that continues to be paid to in cash, with no limits!
You can earn this even if you never make another purchase yourself – as long as your network (and extended network) keeps purchasing, you will keep earning!

You can continue to share, through as many channels as you like (Twitter, Facebook, email or WhatsApp) and you can share as many times as you like! 


Collect a Reward

Receive €10 reward when 3 people order 

Show your Support For every order, we automatically pay

How will my involvement help support the Join Our Boys Trust?
We established a simple on-line model to allow our customers earn commission as they purchase and make a valuable contribution to our charity partner at the same time. This model makes it simple, easy, and fully transparent for all of our customers. 

Terms and Conditions apply
* 10% discount can be gained by sharing the link at the bottom of this page. Once 3 people have placed their order, and their order is verified we will then credit your account with €10.
* A further discount of 4% of every order can be gained when more 3 people place an order, and orders are verified.


We started working with the Irish Trust Join Our Boys some years ago and it has given us another reason to drive our business forward. Show your Support. Every purchase made means that Join Our Boys receive payment automatically.

Customer Advocacy

MyPPE Advocate Programme is our way of giving back to our loyal customers. The principle is simple. Every time you make a purchase with us, you earn discounts, rewards, and payment goes directly to the Join Our Boys Trust.


Looking to earn some extra Cash? When you make a purchase we register you in our Referral Program and this allows you to share discounts with your Family, Friends and Contacts – when they use your discount link you earn Commission and Join our Boys earn also – you can also choose to Register as a MyPPE Advocate and Share, Earn & most Importantly Support.

Join our Customer Advocate.
If you feel that you can do more to help spread the word about this initiative, or you feel that you would like to make the additional commission, you have the option to become an Affiliate member of our team.
Affiliate members are influencers of sorts and they use their network simply to spread the discount.
This is a direct way of earning the commission available, without actually becoming a customer of MyPPE. If you feel that you have a network that you can share and are interested in becoming an Affiliate, please go straight to our Customer Advocates here to get more information!